Yuletide Gifts


(picture from http://media.photobucket.com/user/dingsdb/media/Jesus/1f97.jpg)

For nine days I listened
To Your words thru your servants
A wish to be enlightened
My Giver a gift You granted.

On day one, You taught humility
To Live Your word with simplicity.

On day two, You sent a lamp
Lighting up the darkness in this life has encamped.

On day three a genealogy with bad fruits You came
But then you were born without blame,
So who am I to question a Giver of gifts
Who, my soul to Heaven He lifts.

On day four, a man took a woman to be his wife
A God-given family this man protected without strife.

On day five, You ask for silence
A peace within so that to You we may listen.

On day six, a lady was chosen to bear
The Child…the Man… the Giver…
Who spoke the Word and is the Savior.

On day seven two women met,
The mother of the Lamp,
The mother of the Giver,
Unfailing faith and trust set
A life to be reunited to God as yet.

On day eight, Mary’s song of joy and praise,
To God her love and life she raised.

On day nine, Zechariah speaks again,
His son’s name John, God is with him,
The lamp God has chosen
Before the Giver, His Son, he sends.

In these nine days of worship and prayer
I offer as my gift for my Giver
His word through my life, my deeds, my actions,
To show, to share, to live without pretensions.