Forward to 2017

The countdown to the new year has started; and to think I just had my birthday.

It has been a challenging year for me.  I quit my job at the start of the year and started a new one which I’m enjoying because it’s much easier and I have more time on my hands.  The only thing is, like every other job there are some things hazardous to one’s health.  My job calls for excellent listening skills, good English language skills, knowledge in medical terminology and of course, typing skills.  However, doing this since 2002, I’ve changed my specs four times, been taking higher doses of vitamin B complex and have asked people to say stuff to me not only twice, up to four times as I can’t really catch what they’re saying.  Oh, well.  I guess it’s not only the job really… probably due to age as well.

I’ve also started a new part-time work.  As I said I have more time on my hands and now I’m able to do what I’ve always wanted to – that of baking bread.  I took a comprehensive bread making course early this year to complement the free cooking lessons I took some years back.  I’ve been able to sell some bread to my neighbors and so far I’ve had no complaints of any stomach ache, or anything of the sort.  I’m hoping that before the year ends, I could open up my brick and mortar bread store – keeping my fingers crossed on this.  It would be a very good transition from my current job to my “retirement”.  But of course, here’s wishing… and more learning – the process really doesn’t stop, just like the days of the year, it goes on and on, never going back, just forward.

This year has also been a reunion of sorts for my mother’s side of the family.  It seems that the older one gets, the more sentimental one becomes about members who have moved away, who have been “called home” and those who have opted to stay away, never heard from anymore.  Thanks to Facebook, Viber, and the like we got reunited, sharing pictures, stories and quotes relevant to family and relationships.

Now speaking of the new 2017, I have below some print reproduction of my dear sister’s paintings.  A budding artist who,  when she was in preparatory school won a national art contest sponsored by Caltex.  She has finally gotten the time to hone this artistic talent through her paintings.  I wish to advertise her paintings and so I have come up with 2017 calendars – A4 size, a one pager and a set of three which has four months of the year per page.  The one pager costs $3.00, while the set costs $8.00.  I have also come up with gift tags, 25 cents each.  In case you opt for her paintings, do indicate in your comments and I can forward this to her directly.  I will ever be so grateful if you could at least give this form of exposure for my sister’s works as I am really very proud of her.  Here they are:

The following are the one pager.  I could remove the “Your company logo here.”  if it’s for your personal use.



Below is a sample for the 3-piece set.  Again, I’ll remove “Your logo here” if it’s for your personal use.



And, here are the gift tags:



Thank you!  It’s been awesome!


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