I’m Asked For Verses


I’m asked for verses,
As I quote from a hero;
By a person I know.
But for words I’m pressed,
Not deserving of less
Because he deserves the best.

When as a wee boy
With me watched Sesame Street
And cartoons galore;
Not lacking for toys
He opts to talk, not a bit
Of stories with much color.

He grew up but he’s still the same
Story telling was his game.
Thus, reunions are never plain
The tales he says, inane or mundane
Seemingly true as he tells them,
Elicit much laughter from us then.

Miles apart now, I hear only of him
From relatives’ homecoming
Or from FB messaging.
This I can only say, too true
The road is long, for my nephew,
In my prayers, God be with you.

I’m asked for verses
I quote again from a hero.
These words don’t express
The best yet in him I saw.
Deserving no less
Him, from his youth I know.


You and Me

You and me
We met
In a world of many
Maybe accidentally,
Or perhaps
We were meant to be

Your quirks
And a weird me
Poles apart maybe
But arose a pair.
In each other finally
Found company.

Not me
Not you
Our differences too
Defeated what we built.
For God’s blessings we sought
And our family’s support.

Time passed
And knowingly
In our hearts
Promised lovingly
We’re joined as one
In this life’s journey.

You and me
No longer alone
But as one.
You love me
I love you
Simply, the way it should be.

For you and me.