A Dedication to Babies


Baby Basti, a new addition to the Molina-Canare Family


God’s miracle, we’ve been blest
A new life thru love made manifest
A creation, with traits of the best
From us both here now rest
This gift we shall grow and cherish.

God, for you has chosen us
Your guardian, guide and light
With angels too to look over you
And we all accept the task
To care for you with much delight.

It’s the time to raise a family
And together we begin this journey
It will be a challenge but it will be happy
This child, this gift our inspiration
To keep going forward without hesitation.


Split Screen Love Affair

Ever watched a noontime variety show that has a segment that features a 15 minute soap/telenovela? Well here in my side of the world, we have such.  Last year it even became a Twitter phenomenon.  It garnered the most  number of tweets when the 15-minute segment was given a three-hour block time by the local channel that airs the noontime variety show.  How many tweets? Believe it or not, more than 40 million at the time the noontime show was running.

It’s a phenomenon really.  When the segment started July of last year, lunchbreak for most workers got extended from its usual one-hour break to two and a half hours.  Why? Well, mostly because this segment was able to attract a following.  Tricycle ( a public utility vehicle  consisting of a motorcycle and an attached side car like the one used by the  Germans during the war years) drivers would hesitate, even turn away passengers so that they could watch the segment undisturbed.  This was true for jeepney drivers and even for my office mates too.  Coming from my 30-minute lunch break, I found myself all alone in our workstation, wondering if I missed a meeting of some sort.  Indeed I did as I found out the next day.  I joined a group for lunch, adjusting my break with theirs (we can’t leave our office empty, at least one is left behind to man the fort).  Anyway, that’s when I discovered  that not only drivers, housewives, pre-school kids and senior citizens as well as salespeople of appliances specifically TVs, include people working in restaurants and malls where TV sets are tuned in to this particular TV channel airing this noontime show – are actually, seriously glued to the TV watching the segment.

The following, or should I say the fans of the actors in this segment are not only local; it’s worldwide.  And the lead characters in this segment were given the opportunity last December to land parts in a movie which has been shown,  is being shown and will be shown in different parts of the world.  Really, phenomenal, if you ask me.

What’s unique about it is how effectively media is used.  The noontime variety show can be viewed via live steaming so you can watch the show anywhere in the world at a particular time.  If you missed it, then there’s always Facebook or YouTube.  Thanks to the cellphone, the IPad, the laptop or the PC.  Also, the lead actress is a dub smash sensation who’s very creative and witty; you’ll have a hearty laugh just watching her.  This segment does not even have a script so the actors just play it by ear which makes it all the more entertaining.  Further, one actor who is a male but plays the part of a female, a grandmother to be exact, constantly reminds about values which is  good for the young viewers.

Why the title?  Oh yes, I almost forgot.  The lovers met each other via a split screen on TV.  Until after three months did they finally get to be seen together on screen.  They didn’t even talk.  It was just dub smashing on the part of the female lead, while the lead actor was the only one speaking.

Since it’s just a segment with no script but obviously a micro-mini soap opera, a lot of viewers got inspired to write a love song for the characters, yours truly included.  The noontime variety show even started an original songwriting contest for this, to which yours truly joined but never got to be included among the selected finalists.  Oh well.

Anyway, the nicest outcome of this segment was that the groups of fans have become organized; the proceeds generated in that three-hour show have been used to build libraries for marginalized public schools.  Priceless, really.  I suppose if the lead actors in this segment would run for office, it’s no contest.  They’ll win. By the way, of note would be the number of ads that these two actors have so far since their segment started.  Way to go, Kalyeserye! – that’s the title of the segment ( rough transliteration, Street Series).

Here’s my entry that did not get selected:

Split Screen Love Story:

Minsan sumama Kay lola                             (I was with my Nana one day)

alalay sa pagbigay ng saya                           (To help her make others feel gay)

sa TV napatingin ang Bae ang napansin  (I chanced upon the TV, wow, this guy’s         groovy)

At nahulog ang asking feelings.                 ( Then I knew, I had feelings for you)


Kakaiba ang love story natin.                      (Our love story’s unique)

Nagkakilala sa split screen                          (On a TV split screen we meet)

Nag dub smash ng awitin.                            (love songs I dubsmashed)

Maihatid lang ang damdamin.                    (To express my feelings at last)

At sabay ng pabebeng kaway.                      (with a cutesie wave I flash)


Nayamot na nga si lola                                            ( Nana is irritated)

Di daw ayon sa paningin niya.                              (For her our way’s liberated)

Sa tamang paraan dapat ika’y manligaw.         (There’s  a proper way to court me)

At personal tayong magkita.                                 (Let’s meet personally)


Sinunod mga payo in lola                             (Nana’s request we followed)

Tamang panahon naaabot na.                      (the right time for love behold)

Sa mga araw na lumipas                                 (As time passed that we got

Na live nagkasama.                                           To be together)

Tayo na ba talaga.                                             (Are we meant for each other)

Basta pinky swear na muna.                         ( this time just pinky swear

Sa tabi ko laging andyan ka.                          On my side, you’ll be there

Masabi sa yo Aldub kita.                                 And I’ll say Aldub you

Sagot mo’y mainenanahal ka.                    And you’ll say Me, love you too)





My Faith & Men of the Cloth

After watching a movie about transgressions committed by men of the cloth in the United States, I thought to myself, good movie, it deserves to win. And, did it affect my faith? No contest, I still believe. I’ll continue to support the Church.

Where I come from, our land has a solid almost 500 years of Christianity. When studying our history, one would come across readings about orphans who were given surnames like “Delos Santos” (of the saints) and “Delos Reyes” (of the king), who were actually offsprings of priests and government officers respectively, an ID of some sort at that time (see History of the Filipino People by Teodoro Agoncillo). Then we have our national hero’s two novels, Noli Me Tangere (Social Cancer) and El Filibusterismo (The Reign of Greed), which describe how the the Indios (the word used then to refer to the natives of our country) were being treated by the Spanish friars, the Spaniards as whole. Taken in one perspective, oppression and discrimination of the natives are part and parcel of being colonized. In another perspective, especially when it comes to religion, one would conclude that it was Catholicism which was the reason why the natives were easily colonized. Indeed, it was.

However, despite the fact that these were what happened then in our country, Catholicism is still very much the major religion. One might have encounters with men of the cloth committing moral transgressions but still, faith is there and remains strong. It cannot be denied that many have moved to other religious denominations or have been attending Catholic rites less and less or even being least observant of Catholic teachings; but when it comes to traditions like the recently concluded “translacion” of the Black Nazarene of Quiapo, there is still a sea of devotees who have remained strong in their faith.

This is the year of mercy. We understand that our men of the cloth are still human; but we have expectations that they go beyond their “human nature” in their chosen vocation, that of being Christ’s ministers. We, too, in our daily lives are expected to live up the standards of our professions. As lawyers, we’re expected to uphold the law, not to twist it. As doctors, we’re expected to help keep our patients healthy, not drug dependents. As teachers, we practice what we preach, not “do as I say”. And the list goes on for whatever our vocation in life is. So let’s be forgiving and considerate of each other’s failings. As each profession has its own check and balance to make sure best practices are observed in the professions and the industries, the Vatican through our Pope Francis I is now taking measures regarding transgressions committed by men of the cloth.

So it is with my faith. It is microscopic, smaller than the mustard seed. My faith has been tested over and over with a lot of tribulations I’ve been through and transgressions against my person. It’s okay. My faith does not depend on the fallibility of the priest. It depends on how the priest, whether he is aware of it or not either through the gospel or through the sermon, is able to send God’s message for me. This makes it all well for me. And growing in my faith also needs to be worked on – through my interactions with other people, through my work but especially through prayer and meditation. See! That’s how I deal with my faith.

Lastly, if we need each other to grow in faith, all the more do men of the cloth need us that they are able to carry out their work as ministers of God. Let’s pray for them that they be strong in keeping their vows, that they be free from worldly temptations and that they will always be effective in spreading God’s Word to us. And despite all criticisms against the men of the cloth, I hope we continue to support the Church and its works.