Nine days

It’s been six days since we three, my hubby, our son and myself started attending the nine-day novena masses prelude to the Christmas “Misa de Aguinaldo”; a practice unique to the Philippines.

It was an unusual first day for us because then the country was hit by typhoon Nona. We had rain the whole day that time but we never expected that the area where the church was located was going to be flooded. Lo! And behold, all mass attendees seemingly were encamped at the church, it becoming our evacuation center at that particular time. It’s been an hour since the mass ended and the flood waters continued to rise. While my hubby was bent on staying, our son and I braved the storm. It was my son’s first experience wading in the flood. He took his shoes off while I preferred sacrificing my shoes. We both decided to fold our jeans because it would be difficult to wade in soaked jeans.

That’s the whole idea of the nine-day novena. It’s a sacrifice. It’s a show of love. It’s a gift, more than anything else.

We have three more days to complete the novena masses and we continue to wish our prayers be answered. Till then, let me greet everyone a Merry Christmas! We include in our prayers that the typhoon Nona victims experience God’s Hope, Love, Joy and Peace in their hearts.


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