The Walter Mitty in Me


At first I thought the name Walter Mitty was just one of those common names like John Smith, Jane Doe, or even Juan dela Cruz – this last being the generic name where I come from.  Until I saw the film that starred Ben Stiller and did some research did I finally grasp the concept, Walter Mitty.  It was actually referring to those who engage in daydreaming.  Think of the TV series Ally McBeal where the character Ally visualizes herself doing stuff to other people and we the viewers would see her doing those stuff actually happening; but of course, those were just all in her head.

The Walter Mittys – those who daydream, do just that.  They fail to actualize what they do in their minds.  We could probably say that they are a creative lot in a way because their thoughts/imaginings take them to a fantasy world where they’re the heroes in that “world”.  However, the operative word here is “actualize”; and, I’ll stop here.

I do sometimes become a Walter Mitty myself especially when I try to imagine succeeding in a “plan” I’m concocting – daydreaming that I’m going to a bank and depositing my profits; donating to charitable institutions; sitting in my own office and having a pool of people to carry out my instructions so that I have more time to do something else; being chauffeured in my own luxurious car to attend a gala; or even simply doing my daily walking exercise wearing the latest branded sports gear with matching gadgets.  For me, daydreaming beats playing online games to pass time — OR NOT!

So far in say, 10 of my “concocted plans” I have been able to execute more than half of these with only the last two mentioned in the previous paragraph excluded — these being not really my style.  Executing those plans was a case of living the dream, being practical and knowing exactly what I wanted and how to go about achieving it.

Being a Walter Mitty, I guess is to compensate for what one lacks.  Daydreamers in a world of dynamism, constantly changing and everything done in an instant, are pushed aside by the movers, those who make things happen.  Daydreamers may lack the  strength of character, the outgoing/assertive personality or simply, the ability to speak up, but they certainly have the knack for creating an “ideal world” where they actively participate in the “goings-on” in that world.  They’re normal people who just are not “present” sometimes but nevertheless, they can contribute something given the chance.

Slow but sure, this is what I adhere to.  I suppose this is how I have been able to control/overcome that Walter Mitty in me.  It’s not bad to dream – especially “daydreaming the impossible”.


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