First order of the day:  CLEAN YOUR ROOM!  She does this for me every time.  It’s always nice to be able to breathe and move freely in my room without stepping on objects I dropped on the floor, a day, a month or even a year ago.

Page 1 Mother's Day

Page 2 Mother's Day

Second order of the day:  BE NICE!  That endless reminder spoken in a high pitched voice was one I could do without in my youth.  Her words have been totally ingrained in me that today, it is an automatic reaction for me to be considerate, to be understanding and to be forgiving of other people.

Page 3 Mother's Day

Third order of the day:  EAT HEALTHY. I like take-outs. I don’t have to worry about the dishes.  But, there’s nothing like homemade cooking, the smell of sauteed garlic, onions and tomatoes; and, it’s a treat that somebody at home feeds me right.

Page 4 Mother's Day

Fourth:  GET AN EDUCATION. learn a skill, or two or more… learn to multitask. A lady nonetheless, I’ve seen my mother stand on a chair and change a fuse or a light bulb; handle a hammer to put up a family picture, or even use a wrench to fix, if not change a faucet.  I love my father but I cannot expect him to wash the pots and pans after he cooks; nor pick up dirty clothes after he has given my baby brother a bath.

Page 5 Mother's Day

My mother’s most important legacy:  PRAY.  A dedication to the greatest Mother of All, whose “Yes” has brought about man’s salvation.  I pray to Mama Mary that I may have even a drop of Her selflessness, and put my kids’ needs first before that of my own.  This I believe is what being a mother is.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!!


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