Mi Casa es Su Casa

mi casaI have often been told whenever I go visit friends or family “Feel at home!” Lately, however, when I visited family I was told, “You’re in the _____’s home!!!” which brings to mind, am I welcome here? While at that same visit, I was invited to come back a week later for a birthday celebration and to see an aunt whom I have not seen for years. However, another one said, “come back here at least two months later.” Makes you think you were right in your thought that you are not welcome in that house.

My home is your home is the translation of the title. This ordinarily means, you can do whatever you please, consider yourself family. But, of course, you also have to watch out for stuff that can make you “unwelcome” the next time around. Don’t get too familiar. Don’t get too comfortable. But most of all, don’t over-stay otherwise, you’ll be kicked out. The welcome is good for a day, a little wearisome on the second day but on the third day, say your good-byes and don’t show yourself for the next 10 years — a little exaggerated but nonetheless true.

In the Bible, when Jesus was telling His apostles when they stay in a town, and they get welcomed by the townsfolk, they could stay in one of the townsfolks’ home and relay the Good News. However, when they are unwelcome in a town, they should brush the dust off their clothes and stamp the dust off their feet, an indication that the Good News is not meant for that particular town. So, in this case, Jesus and his disciples also had experienced being unwelcome in homes.

Which brings to mind, who should be welcome in one’s home? Will it only be those who can bring something to the table? Those who belong to a certain social status? Those who can offer me something that would elevate my social status as well? This is kind of snobbish, isn’t it.

I don’t have my own house as yet. I’m only renting. I guess if I get to have my own home then I would know what those with their own plush homes actually feel about their visitors. However, I remember my own mom welcoming almost anyone to our home — be they the children of powerful people or be they the homeless, or even the mentally challenged, all have been welcomed, fed and even invited to stay for as long as they wanted. That was my mom. I wish to be like her as it was through her that I got to understand what Mi casa es su casa actually meant.


One thought on “Mi Casa es Su Casa

  1. Hi Jap! Did u see Tita Carmen? Sino nagsabi this is _______\ house? Intrigero me ano?!!!- heheheh Wont say anything naman eh – sa atin 2 lang secret mo😉

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