Family Reunions During the Holidays


During the holidays, one of the things often expected is to be present at family reunions. For that reason, the list of shopping for presents grows long and calls will have to be made to ask if there are any additions to the family thus making the shopping list even longer. There will also be the thought of what else to bring aside from presents like food, bedding items in case you have to stay for the entire holiday weekend and so on and so forth. As said, the list goes on.

Some of us, myself included, dread the holidays for this reason. Personally, I dread seeing relatives. I dread seeing my presents not being liked but most of all, I dread that I might not have brought anything “appropriate” to the table, literally, to add to the festive holiday menu. Honestly, I see such occasions as something quite expensive — both emotionally and financially – it puts a hole in the pocket and emotionally exhausting, not to mention physically as well because of the travel — now that I’m older. On a wider scale, I also feel that with all the calamities happening in our country lately, being festive while majority of the population are scrounging for whatever is left of what they used to have brings to mind that I have to share in victims’ sorrow. This is simply by sharing my “extras” so that they can at least have some bit of joy during this season amidst the pain left by what they just went through. The idea that they feel somebody cares. The toughest thing these victims have to deal with during the holidays is having lost family members.

However, contrary to this thought, a family reunion is a time to spend with people who I only see during the holidays and then get updated as to how things have been with them. You get to share in their sorrows, in their joys, in their successes and in their failures. Then, you also get to see the progeny — the new generation of family members. But, really at the end of the day, you are able to spend the holidays with people who know all about you and accept you for who you are — what you were then and what has become of you. No judgment — well in our case, that’s the good thing about how we have been raised.

These family reunions is a mix of highs and lows for me really. Despite everything, it is still the family that matters — nuclear or extended.

Happy New Year!!!


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