Office Attires and Training

I’m into my ninth day of training today. What has changed in the workplace since I was last in it a lifetime ago? Oh, believe me when I say a lot!!!

First off, the dress code is nothing like I knew it was 15 years ago. Back then, there is a strict observance of a dress code. An office attire was totally different from a party dress. With some companies, an office attire is usually a company uniform where there’s a “laundry day” which is usually a Friday and people can wear casual clothes. Then, what is meant by casual clothes would still not include jeans, tees and party clothes. Office workers are still expected to dress smart. Why? Because they represent the company they work for and RESPECTABLE attire is a must!

Fast forward to today. I’m attending my nine days of training in an office at one of the skyscrapers in the Makati Business District wearing jeans and smart blouses, mind you, blouses and not tees, each day. On a Friday, I wasn’t wearing footwear that is meant for office wear — Birkenstocks are not office shoe gear, right? But that was acceptable. Really? Yes, seriously, it was allowed. Anyway, my co-trainee (we were only three then one was asked to re-train, so now, we’re down to two), wore the same comfortable outfit as I did as it was acceptable. Mind you both of them are much, much younger than I consider them the samples of how the office workers dress up nowadays. My female co-trainee was dressed up to the nines when I first met her, and still is until today. When I say this, what I mean is that it seemed then, to me (this is just me) that she was going to attend a gala opening somewhere — fully made-up face, 5-inch heels and an attire that calls for a limousine service. My male co-trainee, however, is much more conservative. He is attired in the way I used to remember how males in the office should be dressed. The term they use now for that is “smart casual”. Okay, I find that a little confusing because before, what is really called for to wear at work is dressing smart. Casual get up is what you wear when you go sightseeing.

Anyway, this is all just me. There is a totally different world out there now compared to what I knew how it was 15 years ago as I worked in the same business district that same time. I did not expound on the training experience here, however, as I was more concerned about the people who were with me in the training. Anyway, the training is as informative especially for what it would be applied to — an online ESL for Japanese students. And, may I say, so far so good!!!! Watashi to issyoni eigo wo benkyou shimashou gambarishou!!!


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