Musings: On Kids and the Holy Eucharist

Lotus pond

In your quiet time, listen to the voice of silence.

A lifetime ago, while attending mass, my nephew who was around 4 years old at that time was roaming around the otherwise packed church. He was of course always asked at first sweetly, then commanded, then reprimanded by my sister to be still and quiet as people around were getting distracted in their prayers; and it would be nice if he also prays. When for the nth time, my sister and her husband were about to give him the scolding, my nephew looked up to them both and said, “Ma, Jesus said to me, it’s best that I go home now and play” in his loud, little boy voice. We just looked at one another and smiled and understood that it’s time we moved to the church gardens where my nephew would no longer disturb pious churchgoers.

The mass is the highest form of prayer for us. It’s the time when people are gathered together, offering up petitions, praises, thanks and requests for forgiveness for human frailties. For sure, my nephew now appreciates and understands the mass and its meaning…and, he has his own son now who probably runs around the church gardens whenever his family celebrate the Holy Eucharist.


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