Following is my new wordpress site that I have dedicated especially for my sister’s (ccanare) paintings.

I have started writing articles about her paintings, “Musings” + the title of her paintings, but as I have thought about it more, write-ups about her paintings deserve a dedicated site. I have been inspired by her work as well so please allow me to continue expressing my reflections on her paintings in this new site. However, I will continue writing here as I still have other stories to tell. is also a promotional site for her paintings. If you wish to add “Life” to your wall, there might be something in there that would fit that purpose.

So, be awed by art!!!


Musings: On Kids and the Holy Eucharist

Lotus pond

In your quiet time, listen to the voice of silence.

A lifetime ago, while attending mass, my nephew who was around 4 years old at that time was roaming around the otherwise packed church. He was of course always asked at first sweetly, then commanded, then reprimanded by my sister to be still and quiet as people around were getting distracted in their prayers; and it would be nice if he also prays. When for the nth time, my sister and her husband were about to give him the scolding, my nephew looked up to them both and said, “Ma, Jesus said to me, it’s best that I go home now and play” in his loud, little boy voice. We just looked at one another and smiled and understood that it’s time we moved to the church gardens where my nephew would no longer disturb pious churchgoers.

The mass is the highest form of prayer for us. It’s the time when people are gathered together, offering up petitions, praises, thanks and requests for forgiveness for human frailties. For sure, my nephew now appreciates and understands the mass and its meaning…and, he has his own son now who probably runs around the church gardens whenever his family celebrate the Holy Eucharist.

Musings: The Lord’s Works

The Lord's Works

The Lord’s Works by Carmelita Canare

St Francis said to the Lord one cold day as he was about to do his morning prayers in the garden, “Lord please, not too loud.”

As I hear the sounds of nature, O Lord, I ask to be able to listen to Your Word.

Like the trees and greens watching over the river, I pray that You watch over me in my journey, and keep me safe and warm in your embrace.

Like the current, steadfast on its way and the sun’s rays twinkling on its surface, please direct me, guide me back to You.

And I offer my thanks to You!  O Lord, how marvelous are Your works!

Musings: Paradise Island

Paradise Island

Rising one summer day

A bright golden light beckons me to a wide open space

With its soft sparkling sand cooled by the ocean’s spray

The water inviting me to swim, surf or sail away.

I took my fill of nature’s glory.

The coconut trees then call to me

To seek refuge beneath;

Their juice quenching my thirst, oh so sweet!

To my Maker, my thanks I pray.

Musings: The Majestic Colors of Fall

The Majestic Colors of Fall.pptx

The Majestic Colors of Fall by Carmelita Canare

The season is here to shed my colors

Yellows, oranges, reds and browns

When the last one falls to the ground

I’ll then leave you to winter’s keep

And welcome o blessed sleep.

I’ll come back soon wait for me when I wake

My new green coat I’ll grow

As spring melts winter’s snow

And once more a new life we’ll make

In each season of life’s course.