In this age of consumerism, almost (note: this is the operative word) everything that you need to survive you have to pay for. This is even more so with things we want; and the price becomes more steep depending on the brand.  Of course, our worldliness, pity us for that, moves us to acquire that which is not only what we want but that what we want that costs the most — the more expensive, the more we desire to have it.

Moving on to stuff that we seem to not notice anymore is how we can go through the day without actually spending anything.  An example simply is, when in the company of peers and it happened to be “eating time” and we don’t have any food on us, somehow there will be somebody who has.  More often than not we no longer have to buy our food because those who have will share theirs with us.  The best part is, the food no matter what it is would taste delicious because of the opportunity to be eating with generous folks. Priceless!

How about the time when we forgot to wear adequate clothing and got caught in the rain?  For sure there will be somebody who will offer a sweater or a towel or even give an entire change of clothes to you so that you will not soak yourself and suffer from colds or fever.  Isn’t this priceless, too?

And when somehow, you happen to have overstayed in an acquaintance’s place and you missed the last bus that could get  you home.  For sure, you’ll be offered to stay the night.  Again, priceless.

The previous instances just goes to show how we can still experience miracles in this world.  And the miracle is us really, our spirit of generosity.

From last Sunday’s homily, it was shared by the priest that after Jesus asked if they had food for the people, his apostles said that a boy had five loaves and 2 fish.  Jesus then prayed and blessed the food the people had with them.  Lo and behold!  Everybody had food and there were still leftovers that the apostles gathered up.  The miracle there was the generosity of those people who shared what food they had with those who did not.  Priceless!

Jesus and His apostles also didn’t have their own headquarters where they go back to to spend the night.  After a long day of proclaiming the Good News, Jesus and His apostles were always invited to stay the night and were fed wherever they were.  If they were to be on their way to the next town, they didn’t have to worry about food as they were given by those to whom they have preached the Good News.  PRICELESS!

I have always been reminded about the spirit of sharing, not only in terms of food or money but also in terms of time, prayers and just my mere presence.  This isn’t actually just for me, but for everybody else who happen to have been talking to the same priest who told me this.  This has been a lifetime ago; and there’s so much joy in my heart as I live out the spirit of sharing.  I just hope that the receiver of my effort also experience this joy.

So there’s no real worry about our needs and especially our wants.  There is always a way to satisfy our needs – generosity begets generosity.  Our wants? We can live without these, really.  Who says we cannot live without our cellphones? 

The experience of sharing — PRICELESS!


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