I’ve been asked several times by others — a friend ( anyone from the handful that I have ), a sister, a nephew, a co-worker past and present — to pray for a particular intention.  I assure them that I always do; but, due to the request, I change my prayer specifically for whatever that is they asked me to pray for.

Common prayer intentions that I get is being asked to pray to get over a period of depression, a particular failure, or even more dramatic as losing hope.  Sometimes, this gets to me especially if the person asking for the prayers is one who I know exudes a certain personal strength.  It’s still surprises me that such people go through bouts of failure, depression and even lack of confidence that they can move on; thus, the plea for prayers — a plea for help.

As in all cases, all wounds heal with time.  Certainly, even with just a simple, “Please help my friend/sister/nephew with whatever it is that’s causing him/her problems” works miracles as pretty soon that same person I prayed for would thank me for the prayers I have said – saying that he/she finally got over whatever it was and is now into a new something.  This is extra-pleasant news as I feel that I was “instrumental” that person to continue on with life, so to speak, with renewed energy.

It takes all kinds, I suppose, but more important I guess is the sense that you can turn to somebody to share a burden with; and being assured that the other will help you, even indirectly, with that which has made you sad in the first place.

Also, I read before that you can make whatever it is you are doing at the moment as some kind of prayer.  This prayer may be an offering for something that is bothering you.  It can also be a way of saying thanks that you are still able to have something good going on for you. If at the moment you’re too stressed out, be silent for a minute and pray for peace of mind, body and spirit; this will help relieve that stress and help you go on with your day.

What about me? Is there someone praying for me?  I know there are. That’s why I’m still here in spite of a lot of things.  So, let me just say my “Thank You” just for being there.


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