Loss of Memory

The one thing I admire about my faith is forgiveness.  One of the truths in my faith is that when I confess my sins I am assured that those sins will be totally erased and everything will be in a clean slate; that’s until I commit sins again.

In our life’s daily activities where we are tied to each other somehow, when we get hurt by another person, by somebody we know or somebody we just met, we remember the hurt, the pain inflicted upon us and that memory stays with us for the longest time.  We may have forgiven but not forgotten, so to speak. Sometimes, we even keep a file of the specific hurts we suffered from people — even categorized alphabetically according to the hurt inflicted or according to the names of the people who inflicted the pain.  This then opens the door to making plans on how to avenge ourselves given the opportunity. Now, isn’t that being human?

My faith calls for living beyond our human nature and living out our being made into our Maker’s image and likeness. In this regard, when people inflict pain — because the basic teaching is loving each other as our Maker loves us — we are expected to forgive that person and forget the pain inflicted.  It’s very difficult to do that, truly, I know.

My faith actually encourages loss of memory; or amnesia or even to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease especially in cases of past hurts.  It is a case of true forgiveness — when one has truly forgiven another he should do away with the hurt/pain and not just bury it somewhere in his heart or in his mind.  A case of when responding “No problem” or “It’s all right, no harm done” or even “I accept your apology” to another’s “I’m sorry” the hurt/pain felt should then be thrown  out into the River of Forgetfulness where there is a big bold “No Fishing” sign  — this I learned from a lecture I attended a lifetime ago.

Being unforgiving is tiring if it not makes us sickly.  The hurt/pain eats us up and manifests itself in different forms physically.  We may begin to suffer from aches and pains with unknown etiology, suffer from anxiety or different emotional even psychological or mental problems and worst, even illnesses like cancer or heart disease.

I think it’s time to have a clean slate.  Forgive ourselves for our weaknesses.  Forgive ourselves for our limitations.  As we learn about our own limitations and accept them, then we must begin forgiving others for their limitations and the hurt they cause us as a result of that.  Nobody’s 100% aware of what we do or say 100% of the time especially in these times of a million and one distractions; and, of course the truth is, Nobody’s Perfect.  This acceptance should really make us more forgiving and more forgetful of the trespasses committed against us.

Loss of memory about past hurts/pains really will make life easier and better.  Forgive and then forget.


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