Losing Sleep Over The Game of Thrones

I suppose last Sunday, there were many TV sets on at one and only one channel at one specific time.  You guessed right, HBO which showed the last episode of Season 4 of The Game of Thrones.

I only knew of this show because of the game and got to understand finally that this has been made into a TV show when my hubby brought home a DVD of its first season.  I still didn’t watch it as when I had glimpses, all I saw was a lot of sword fighting and women and men copulating.  And judging by the costumes, obviously its setting was in the bygone eras – as I used to teach history, I’ve had my fill of Western Civilization that could last me a lifetime.

But then, whenever I had to sign in at my yahoo.com account, the homepage always had something about the GoT and this made me curious.  I watched the DVD at home, just got glued to it and continued watching through the end and lost sleep over. It was worth it, however.  By then, I asked my hubby to get hold of seasons 2 and 3 so I could follow the story without fail – got hooked on it, I suppose.  I followed this HBO series online and caught up with the ending of season 4.

Except for the slashing, beheadings, the sexual innuendos as well as the nudity that accompany those– scenes that leave nothing to the imagination — if one lived during those times, I could say that the writer of the show did excellent work as far as giving the televiewers an idea of how life was in those times.  I am impressed particularly with the rendering of power struggles within and out of the “Seven Kingdoms”.  Then as now and now as then spins in this world of men — to quote a poet I studied in the grades (I cannot remember the name of the particular poet, my apologies) – a reality that was, is and will be in this world.  I suppose dragons did exist and have become extinct.  It may be a case of humankind occupying whatever empty spaces there are in the world – mind you, the population is still growing.  How about the magic?  These are still very much in practice and perhaps even getting “high tech”.  We have soothsayers online and we pay them online as well now, don’t we?  Also, I look forward to knowing whatever will happen to Bran – I hope his gift will help restore the honor of the Stark family.  How about the maesters – we also have them in different forms.  We have consulting groups, cabinet members, ribbon committees, etc., members of which are experts in their field. 

All in all, I laud the people behind the GoT and the actors who portrayed their roles really well.  I liked Lena Headly in The Brothers Grimm, liked Sean Bean in National Treasure and Ronin, I haven’t gotten back to watching Clash of the Titans again to see The Hound actor play another role, maybe later I’ll watch it and of course, I’ll watch Captain America: The First Avenger once again to see the actor portraying Marjorie.  I’ve watched Kit Harington in Pompei, and I just hope I could see him act without swords the next time around.  I hope that in the next James Bond movie Ralph Fiennes’s assistant would be the actor who was married off to one of Lord Fray’s daughters and then put in the dungeon after the wedding. He was one of M’s assistants previously anyway.

Technology also had a lot to do with the success of this TV show, I suppose.  It was seamless, if this is the proper word for it.  If ever a blue screen was used to depict certain scenes, then both the actors and the computer people did very well.  The location settings of the series especially were impressive.

However, Star Wars, its first three episodes is still unmatched in my opinion as far as use of technology in movies is concerned.  But then that’s another story entirely.

I can’t wait for the Season 5 – will Arya meet up with the Man with No Face in Bravos? Will Sansa be Littlefinger’s wife? Will Jon Snow stop the Walkers from overcoming the Wall? Will Bran be able to fly? Whatever happened to the youngest Stark child? And, will The Mother of Dragons become the Leader of the Seven Kingdoms?


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