A Mother’s Dedication

A Mother's Dedication.

Exactly 19 years ago today 10 June, I gave birth to my son, Joseph Anthony. Having undergone caesarean section, I only came to see him two days after delivery, boy, was he a screamer. He was also a colic baby having 4pm and 10 pm and 3 am schedules of endless crying until after he was three months old. He took his first step during his first birthday and spoke his first sentence when he was 4 years old. He was a regular at fast food joints like McDonald’s and the local Jollibee so that he can collect the toys bundled with the Happy Meal and Kid’s Value Meals.

From the other people’s standpoint, our son was an impressive boy. At age 8, because he was the only one available for practice, he sang solo in a concert for the centennial celebration of the Crowing of Our Lady of La Naval. He did that also during the 9-day novena in which devotees admirably commented that the boy who was singing had a beautiful voice. He was cited by the lay missionary, Bro. Bo Sanchez as a responsible boy who can be relied upon to “start the ball rolling” so to speak, during the charitable event for orphans conducted by the Homeschool of the good lay missionary. He was given a Service Award during their J-S prom, being recognized by the faculty as the student who is still concerned with orderliness within the school campus. By force of habit, he picks up pieces of paper or bits of trash lying around and puts these in the garbage bin. Our son is a stickler for peace and quiet so as class officer in the grades until his first year in high school he had this habit of keeping tabs on his talkative classmates and reporting them to their homeroom teacher. His classmates hated him for this. However, despite this experience with him, they cannot help but like him still because he is actually a sweet and gentle fellow with a good sense of humor.

Our son at home though is none of the above. When he rises in the morning, how he left his bed will be the same way as how it will be when he goes back to sleep at night. I have to constantly remind him to make up his bed when he rises. Just like your typical teenager whose hunger is insatiable, our son munches whatever he can find in our food stock but then leaves the wrapper just lying around. You can find these on the PC table, on the dining table, in the easy chair or wherever else he was when he was eating but never in the waste basket. He never shows an initiative for telling us what he wants to do or where he wants to go when we go on a family outing. He also leaves us to decide for him where and what to eat. This irritates my hubby so much so that he constantly drills into our son’s head, “Whatever is going to happen to you when the time comes that your mother and I will no longer be here?” My hubby worries that our son doesn’t have enough common sense to make it on his own in the real world, outside of our home, outside of his school and outside of our community. I don’t share that opinion, however.

Our son exhibits opposite personalities within and outside of our home and this actually makes me confident that he has the ability and the good sense to make it on his own. He is just like every teenager who at ease in the company of his parents, his immediate family knowing full well that nothing wrong is going to happen with mom and dad there. He is just being a teenager complete with the raging hormones; thus, the exhibition of opposite personalities.

I guess just like every other mother, I wish for my son to start thinking in terms of what he wants to achieve in his life. With this in mind, I wish he also would start thinking of ways and means of how to achieve that dream. And just like every parent, I wish for our son to be the best of what he can be.


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