Mother, May I?

Last May 11, 2014 we celebrated Mother’s Day, a day dedicated especially to women who have raised kids, both their own flesh and blood and even kids who are not theirs biologically, but in essence, they have raised to become the adults that they are now. Hooray to all these Women!

I remember being asked about my own mother, specifically how old she was and what she is doing and where she is living. The moment I said “Oh, my mother, actually both my parents have passed away.” That same person shifted her attention instead to the person next to me, who happened to be my husband. I distinctly remember that person saying that it was difficult for them (herself and her husband) to accept any woman to be their son’s wife if she happens not have parents anymore; which made me pity the woman who would ever find herself loving their son enough to be willing to be his wife.

Anyway, back to having a mom – I have been told by my mom before that it is difficult to be married to someone who belongs to a “broken home”. She was not condemning the kids with separated parents but that she was only voicing the opinion that it would really be tough making things work as husband and wife if one of you is a product of a broken home. She was of the impression that such children would most likely imitate the ways of the parents who took the easy way out of marriage which is separation, when the going gets rough. Years later, I experienced the wisdom of this as I found myself abandoned by my husband who selfishly (it’s just me) took our children away from me and decided for himself that they are better off with him than with me. That has been twenty-two years ago.

So, it is ABSOLUTELY, really important that we listen to what our mothers would have to say about the facts of life. Learning whatever stuff in school is no match for what wisdom our mothers can impart to us, even if they appear ridiculous sometimes, but the fact remains that they have what the schools cannot offer and that is REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE.

So, allow me to thank my mother for the 22 years that I had her in my life for in those 22 years, very briefly but very profoundly, she has taught and showed me all I needed and will ever need to know about being a mother. Good for me, I met somebody who made me a mom again once and to prove that I could be a good wife too.

Love your moms and give her a kiss and a thank you as often as you can. Who knows how long or how short she will be with you.


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