Hi there!  Call me PAJ, that’s my penname for this blog.  It’s now the third month of the year 2014; it’s already spring in some parts of the world while here where I am, it’s summer!  Frankly, I have no idea about blogs; this is an attempt at starting one.  So what do you expect to read here?  Well, to satisfy your curiosity, in the next few days, possibly months, you’ll be reading posts from “Authorities” on medicine, law, education and home crafts.  Already common; I am sure information in these areas are readily available.  But, the thing is you’ll be presented with posts presenting “D.I.Y.’s” on specific topics.  I am not much of an expert at anything but there is always room to learn new things on just about anything; and that will be like a breath of fresh air.  Okay.  So, come join me in this “infinitesimal” adventure to the already “known” and together, let’s learn some more of the basics in day-to-day encounters with ordinary, routine and daily chores.  By the way … I am also presenting some articles from “Experts” who I follow in Facebook.  One is an inspirational speaker of note, Mr. Francis Kong.  And, from the business world, Mr. Francisco Colayco who shares information on how to save, how to build your finances and how to invest.  Happy reading!




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